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Materials: slip-easy paper, safe for direct food contact
Packaging: shrink-wrapped
Standard colours: brown, red, green, blue, bordeaux, cyclamen, pink, gold
cyclamen, pink, gold
Customized with standard colours:
minimum order 10.000 pcs per size
Other colours on request:
minimum order 200.000 pcs (minimum 10.000 pcs per size)
Printed in 2 colours:
€ 92,96 additional charge per order
Contribution to printing costs:
1 colour € 48,00, 2 colours € 57,20
Indicate if they are to be printed on the top or under side
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Codice - CodeDimensioni cm - Dimensions cmPz. / Conf. - Pcs. / Pack
24125,5 x 111.000
33985,5 x 101.000
33996 x 101.000

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