Monteverdi has always had the issue of the environment at heart, starting with the integrated plant for the production of cardboard obtained from the processing of recycled paper (EoW). The latter is transformed directly within the company, through shredding and reshuffling processes: the production cycle requires the use of a lot of water, which is however completely purified before being put back into the environment.
Monteverdi also uses a methane cogeneration plant(M4) with gas turbine and recovery boiler, capable of producing a total electrical power of approximately 1,018kW and recovered thermal power of approximately 2,396kW.
To integrate the production of steam, the one used for drying the cardboard is also produced by a generator powered by methane gas, with a potential of 2,000,000kcal / h.
Finally, the roof of the company houses a photovoltaic systemof about 3000 square meters.

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Tray Box

Today you can find in the range of our boxes also the TRAY BOX. The new box is suitable for the measures of our trays Elite and Milano and represents an elegant and alternative solution for the packaging and transport of your sweets.

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