Disk Girasole

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Materials: 100% recycled cardboard 1400 g / sqm
+ gold / clear polyester film (plastic coated on both sides)
Packaging: cardboard box containing shrink-wrapped packs, safe for direct food contact
Item in stock, customised ONLY on request

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Codice - CodeEsterno - Ext.Interno - Int.Pz. / Conf. - Pcs. / Pack
5490Ø cm 24Ø cm 1750
5491Ø cm 26Ø cm 1950
5492Ø cm 28Ø cm 2150
5493Ø cm 30Ø cm 2350
5494Ø cm 32Ø cm 2550
5495Ø cm 34Ø cm 27Ø 50
5496Ø cm 36Ø cm 2950
5497Ø cm 38Ø cm 3150
5498Ø cm 40Ø cm 3350

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